How it works

A straight tie, is a happy tie!

Instruction sheet included with Tie Keep(s).

The optimal way to wear the Total Tie Keep is for the tie lable or tie loop to fail between the lower and middle button holes on the Tie Keep.  The best way to achieve this is to attach the upper button hole of the Tie Keep to the second button above the tie loop after your neck tie has been placed on and lays flat against your chest (Figure 1). Simply count up two buttons, then attach the Tie Keep to that button (Figure 2). This will allow the upper loop on the Tie Keep to be at the highest point to secure the tail or rear apron.  Trust me, this will make sense when you are putting it on.  The loop(s) on the Tie Keep actually extends the function of the tie loop by up to four inches, giving the user, especially taller users, the ability to tuck and secure that rear apron.  No more "Peeping Toms".


Average height to shorter users may be able to use the space between the upper and middle button holes on the Tie Keep to anchor the neck tie, using the tie loop.  As long as the goal of hidding the Tie Keep behing the necktie is achieved.  Just like anything worth having, it may take a couple of days to master.  But once you find your "Total Tie Keep sweet spot",  you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.