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 The all new TOTAL TIE KEEP 2.0 

We heard you, world!

The buttons on a men's dress shirt are typically 3.5" apart. The original TOTAL TIE KEEP was designed to fit those shirts; proper dress shirts which are historically meant to be worn with neckties. In today's fashion trends, a necktie can be worn with basically any collared dress shirt. So, we had to remake the Tie Keep to fit all shirts. Along the way, we decided to improve some other features based on our customers recommendations. 


THE TOTAL TIE KEEP 2.0 is the re-designed Tie Keep that will fit all dress shirts. The main upgrade is the addition of two strategically placed button holes that now allows this Tie Keep to fit all shirts. 

Take a look at the other improvements we have made.

  • Smaller button holes for a more snug streamline fit

  • Narrow upper edge for less visibility when wearing slimmer Neckties *

  • An additional loop to better control and secure the tail of the necktie

  • More button holes to fit ALL Shirts

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2.0                   Original

Here's how it works

The Total Tie Keep 2.0 Demonstration

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The original Total Tie Keep Gold Collection 
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The Total Tie Keep is designed to keep all parts of the necktie, front and rear portions, in place without creating a stiff, unnatural appearance. Once it has been attached properly, it will be virtually invisible because it's hidden behind the tie. This allows the necktie's design to be the focal point. The special design of the Total Tie Keep still allows the necktie to flow freely, but, with just the right amount of restraint to maintain a crisp professional appearance. The Total Tie Keep has a variety of ways to remedy the issues that all tie wearers face. Always look your best! You only get one chance to make a 1st Mpression! Make it a great one with the Total Tie Keep.


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Endorsed by Kevin Harrington.

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