About Us

The Total Tie Keep corrects, straightens and controls the entire necktie by loosely attaching the necktie to the shirt, using the shirt's buttons. The Tie Keep is unmatched and unique in the way it functions.  It stabilizes the necktie while allowing just enough of that natural flow a necktie is meant to have.  The necktie control it provides keeps the wearer from looking unkept and disheveled.  The Total Tie Keep also decreases the chance of soiling the necktie at the dinner table, at the sink in the restroom, and it'll keep you and your tie safe from that vicious office paper shredder.  Tie keeps can be worn to match the shirt or the necktie.  But for the most part, they are virtually invisible....working hard, behind the necktie. This also allows the necktie to be the focal point rather than some other pattern breaking, tie stiffening necktie restraint.  After all, the necktie is the absolute center piece whenever its worn. And it should be treated as such. As for bad necktie behaviors?  No more!  Thanks to the Total Tie Keep, "The Ultimate Necktie Accessory!" 

What makes the Total Tie Keep the best necktie accessory on the planet?

The Total Tie Keep is adorned with two patented loops that are strategically placed to control the tail or the rear apron.  No other necktie accessory on the planet addresses this.  Especially not the other necktie accessories that work from behind the necktie.  Once attached to the recommended button, the upper loop serves as an extension of the tie loop, giving the user more room for error when tying a tie.  This is especially helpful for taller wearers that seem to have issues with that tail staying tucked in the tie loop. Now after the tail is tucked in the loop(s) on the Tie Keep, the Total Tie Keep is then placed inside the loop on the back of the tie.  This will loosely anchor and keep the entire tie from sliding from side to side and moving around erratically. Although there is a preferd way to wear the Tie Keep for maximum performance, the wearer is encouraged to develope a application style that works for them. +



Handmade To Perfection

The Total Tie Keep is crafted from a thin piece of fabric that will disappear behind the necktie once attached properly.  Tie Keeps are made from 100% pre-shrunk,  machine washable cotton.  Currently, the Tie Keeps are made in the colors white, blue, gray, and black.  These colors are a combination of the most popular colors of shirts and ties. The user simply slides the Total Tie Keep behind the tie loop and attaches it to the shirt's buttons.* There are three buttonholes on the device for this purpose.  The loops attached to the Tie Keep are placed properly  to control that ever annoying, rear portion of the necktie.  The three-button whole design allows more versatility and room for error for tie wearers when placing on the necktie. 




Our Guarantee

Here at 1st Mpression, LLC , we take pride in satisfying our customers.  Ultimately, our number one goal is to please you.  If our products do not function at the highest level of proficiency, please let us know and we will do what ever it takes to make it right.  We are a small company that recognizes the importance of courteous and respectful customer service. This includes a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee!


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to grow,


Best regards,

Dwight Littlejohn

Founder, 1st Mpression, LLC