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Blowing Benny

Peeping Tom

The Slider

Messy Marvin

The Peeping Tom

When the rear apron or tail of the necktie insist upon being seen.  Peeping Tom usually happens when the tail of the necktie is too short to reach the tie label. This consistent issue for taller men.

The Messy Marvin

This is when the excessive movement of an unsecured necktie finds its way into your chicken parmesan.   Now we can't prevent this but this one's minimal with The Total Tie Keep 

The Slider

Very common bad behavior usually results from uneven, misaligned tie knots. Sometimes, well, most of the time, knots can be a little off. This caused the front apron to shift accordingly. 

The Blowing Benny

 High winds can be treacherous for a necktie. Especially when the necktie slaps you in the face  and ends up over your shoulder

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