Bad Necktie Behavior

"Peeping Tom"

The "Slider"

"Blowing Benny"

"Messy Marvin"

Bad necktie behavior is a thing of the past. The Total Tie Keep, "The Ultimate Necktie accessory" is here to remedy the issues that tie wearers face everyday.  


 "Peeping Tom"!  The most common bad necktie behavior.  That's when the stubborn rear apron pops out when its not long enough to stay tucked in the tie loop.  That thing has a mind of it's own.  Some have tried to tame it by tucking it in the shirt!  


The "Slider" - It can be a struggle trying to re-center your necktie when its constantly drifting to one side. What's that all about?  How does that even happen?


Chicago!  You all know about the "Blowin' Benny".  It's bad enough to get attacked by that notorious wind, but it hurts even more when your own necktie is taking part in it! 


"Messy Marvin"  How confident are you when you're walking into a meeting with a ketchup stain on your tie?  Not very, I would imagine. 


Give "The Ultimate Necktie Accessory" three days and you're guaranteed to love it for life.