The Versatile, Total Tie Keep 


Most shirt's buttons are about 3 1/2 inches apart and the original Tie keeps are designed perfectly for these shirts.  There are some designers that space their shirt buttons up to 4 inches apart.  The Original Tie Keep can still work, but because of the length between buttons, the lower button hole on the Original Tie keep will not line up with a button on the shirt. The user can simply fasten the upper button hole and the middle button hole (as seen in figure 2) to secure the necktie behind the tie label/loop using just those two buttons.  The unsecured lower half of the Tie Keep (figure 5) will remain behind the tie when worn in this fashion.  Chances are, most of your shirts are in the majority 3 1/2 inch button hole range. However, if after trying The Total Tie Keep, this method does not satisfy you, or if your wardrobe is full of those odd button pattern shirts, we will refund your money.  Coming soon, is a custom Tie Keep that will work for the 4 inch spaced buttons.  Join our mailing list below for updates about that or check back from time to time.