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Good Morning Washington

8:45 segment

Hosted by Larry Smith

February 24, 2017


— ABC’s “Shark Tank” hits its $100 million deal mark tonight, so what better time for a DMV Designed spotlight on local contestant Dwight Littlejohn. Last year he entered the tank to share his Total Tie Keep invention, and while he couldn’t get them to bite, he’s still going strong and shared more of his story with Larry.

Total Tie Keep Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Gazette Review

By Mike Ariel Leather

September 29, 2016


Before creating his product, the Total Tie Keep, Dwight Littlejohn was a Federal Agent who worked in Washington, D.C. He learned how to keep himself looking good at all times, and decided to mass market his product to assist others in doing the same. Will the Sharks see the value in this product, and bite on the chance to invest? Let’s take a look....


The Mike Wysocki Show
Season 1 Episode 3
Hosted by Mike Wysocki
September 22, 2016
"Guest 1: CEO of Total Tie Keep and Federal Agent Dwight Littlejohn talks about appearing on Shark Tank and his experience pitching his company to Mark Cuban.
Guest 2: Comedian Jason Lawhhead
Guest 3: Santonio Holmes - Superbowl Champion of the Pittsburgh Steelers
Guest 4: Pittsburgh Comedian Jeff Konkle

Inventors Digest
Volume 32 Issue 4
by Edith R. Tolchin
April 2016
"I specialize in the manufacture of textile inventions and was quite interested when industry peer Andrea Hence Evans brought the Total Tie Keep to my attention. Inventor Dwight Littlejohn's website states: "The Total Tie Keeps corrects, straightens, and controls the entie necktie by loosely attaching the necktie to the shirt using the shirt's buttons. Littlejohn claims the Tie Keep stabilizes the necktie while allowing a natural flow that provides just enough restraint to keep the user from looking unkept and disheveld..."

by Angela Barbuti

April 1, 2016



"Total Tie Keep entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 with its novel method to keeping ties looking neat. The company makes a strip of fabric that attaches the tie to the shirt using the buttons. Back then, we interviewed founder Dwight A. Littlejohn about his invention and business, which he told us was a “one-man operation.” As his episode re-airs, we caught up with Littlejohn again to see how he’s fared after not getting a deal in the Tank. Because of the product’s high demand, he’s hired sales representatives and marketing agents and expanded the space in his home’s basement to make room for shipping and storage. Here’s what else he told us about…"


Pittsburgh, PA

April 1, 2016



"InventHelp introduces the “Total Tie Keep” a patented device designed to keep all parts of a necktie in place, while remaining out of sight. The accessory which stabilizes the necktie without creating a stiff, unnatural appearance, was recently featured on ABC’s show Shark Tank. Total Tie Keep is a product that addresses a long standing tie wearer problem. Wind and movement can cause the rear tie to pop out, blow loosely in the wind or slide to one side. Total Tie Keep remedies all of these common problems so the wearer no longer suffers from tacky tie behavior and an embarrassing representation. Total Tie Keep buttons on to a shirt and anchors the tie label and the rear tie.."


by Grace Liang

March 9, 2016


"There are two TV shows in America that always get me pumped up! One is Project Runway, and the other is Shark Tank. I guess because they share something in common, the American Dream. Those two shows are perfect examples of how an average person, just like you and me, can become successful by working hard and having a creative mind. Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to have that special kind of talent to design and make my own line of clothes. And it seems the only ideas I get for some invention were already thought of by someone else. It’s not fair really, someone stealing my million dollar idea even before I have it! But anyway, I don’t think I would ever have the guts to go on Shark Tank because of that mean Uncle Kevin..."

by Angela Barbuti

January 5, 2016



"Total Tie Keep entered the Shark Tank on January 5, debuting its fabric strip that keeps a tie in place by attaching the neck tie to the shirt using the buttons. Federal agent Dwight A. Littlejohn invented the product since he must wear ties to work each day. We interviewed Littlejohn before the episode aired. When asked how the idea came about 15 years ago, he said, “It is hard to maintain a professional appearance throughout the day. So I needed something that would keep my tie straight and clean. I invented the tie keep to minimize movement, keep the tie straight, and correct some very common tie wearing issues..."


by Sara Field

January 5, 2016



"If you wear ties to work, you know the standard design leaves a lot to be desired. The tie often falls crooked or, over a lunchtime bowl of soup, can easily get stained as you lean over. That’s why Shark Tank entrepreneur Dwight A. Littlejohn created Total Tie Keep. It’s a simple, ingenious solution for men who want to keep that expensive tie in place..."





by 2Paragraphs

January 5, 2016


"Dwight Littlejohn is the inventor of Total Tie Keep. It’s a strip of fabric that buttons on to a shirt and its two loops holds the back of a tie in place without binding or stretching or having to use a tie clip or pin..."

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