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"My husband likes this a lot and has recommended it to the people that he works with. He bought it after seeing it on Shark Tank even though there was no deal made."

-S. Goldfarb


"This product was long awaited! I actually saw that episode on Shark tank. I couldn't believe that neither shark made an offer! I went on line right away hoping that this secret service man did not give up..."

-D. Rogers


"The total tie keep is much more sophisticated than a tie clip and keeps your tie in place a thousand times better. I bought a set for my father who wears a tie on a daily basis, he was able to use them with no problem and loves how they keep everything nice, neat and unmovable. Never will his tie be out of place again."

-Amazon Customer


"I am not one to ever write reviews, but this product is well worth the effort. I am abnormally tall (6'11") and have to wear a tie for work daily. As any tall guy knows, there is a problem with the back tail not reaching the loop. This completely solves the problem and keeps the tie secured and professional looking. It is not visible while I wear it, and is easy to put on. The product quality is excellent. To be honest, I would be happy paying quite a bit more for this 4-pack."

-N. Finkelstein


"I've purchased this for myself. I typically like my ties longer, which means that the tail never falls into the keeper loop. I've tried purchasing tie clips, and while it may sometimes work, it depends on the tie clip, plus the tie still gets out of line throughout the day. Thanks to the total tie keep, it ensures my tie is straight all day long."



"I bought this product. I have to say it rocks!!! It fixed my biggest issue when wearing a tie. I plan on buying all the men in my family some."

-E. Bethea


"The Total Tie Keep has set a new standard for style and versatility in business attire and semi-formalwear."

 -K.M. CEO, McCary Connections LLC


"This product rocks! I've been using them daily for some time now and won't leave home without one on. The tie keep makes sure my tie stays in place all day without the distraction of a traditional tie bar or tie tack. Every man needs this as part of his daily attire. Keep your tie in place Gentleman!"

-K. Petty



"I received the 4 pack, and all I can say is WOW. This is amazing. I look great, my tie is straight and it give me a sharp professional appearance. A must have for anyone who wears a tie."




"I have seen similar products online before and then seen the total tie keep here. Wasn't sure how much it would come in handy. But windy days or sitting at a dinner. My tie never flaps around or touches my food. It is a cheap investment to save me some embarresment or cost of dry cleaning or purchasing another tie. Would definitely buy more if and when other color combos are available."



"When I first got my Total Tie Keep, I was a bit skeptical about how it would work.  But after wearing it for only three days I was hooked."

 -L.C. Farmville, VA



"My initial thinking is your product makes ties safer in retail/commercial environments where only break aways are allowed by OSHA etc. Your product not only protects from spills/keeps the tie looking sharp.. it also makes a real tie safer to wear in non-office work environments."




"The Total Tie Keep is the best thing since the button down collar.  Working 16 hour days, it keeps my tie totally in control.  Nothing says SHARP like the  TOTAL TIE KEEP."

 -P.C.  Washington, DC



"As a worldwide traveler, I find myself running from gate to gate at airports.  Since I started using the Total Tie Keep, I'm still running just as much but  I don't have to work so hard to get my tie readjusted .  I've also stopped flipping my tie over my shoulder as I eat in restaurants.   All in all, it 's a great invention!"

 -S.S. Atlanta, GA




"I gave my Dad the Total Tie Keep and he loved it.  He bragged about it so much that I had to get my brother one as well.  Now they are always the two sharpest guys in church."

  -L.T. Charlotte, NC




"Working in a fast paced restaurant, its good to know that my tie won't end up in someones plate.  My tip depends on the Total Tie Keep!

 -M.E. Las Vegas, NV



"I just received the four pack for my husband. My husband is in sales and wants his tie to say in control. He arrived home and immediately tried it. Perfect!! Every guy needs a set in his wardrobe. Makes a great gift for the professionals, stocking stuffer, fraternity present, college interviewing presence, etc. 5 stars!!

 -S.K. Melbourne, FL


"Saw you on Shark Tank and I bought your product. Love it.....

-M. Davidson Phoenix, AZ


"I bought the Total Tie Keep from their website for my boyfriend and he loves it! Especially on windy days when his tie would normally fly in his face. He's in sales and said its always nice not to have to worry about his tie shifting."








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